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2013 Fashion Resolutions


1) Buy only second hand leather products.
2) No impulse purchases. Plan, plan, plan! I like this advice from {Step-Brightly} on how to shop without overspending, via TrendHungry.
3) Try to buy as much Made in the USA clothing as possible.
4) Buy only clothes & shoes that fit perfectly. Even if it is a great deal, don’t be tempted to buy a wrong size. I will never be able to “make it work”.
5) Organize drawers and closet. Put together a donation bag at the end of every season.
6) Embrace minimalism. Better to have a closet full of a few things I love to wear and fit perfectly, instead of clothes I never wear and don’t really love.

New rug

I recently got around to purchasing a new rug for my foyer and I love it. I had been meaning to do this ever since I spotted the Alvine Triangel Ikea rug over at Door Sixteen, but sadly the rug was discontinued before I had a chance to buy. Last week however my downstairs neighbor complained that my footsteps in my foyer area were too loud (!) so I decided the only solution was to get a nice thick rug to absorb the noise.

So with visions of the Alvine Triangel rug still dancing in my head I started searching for  a modern black and white rug that would be a nice contrast to the more traditional oriental rugs that I have in the rest of my rooms.

Anthropologie to the rescue! The Climbing Vines rug immediately jumped out at me, especially when I read the reviews commenting on how the rug is nice and thick. The best part was I also got free shipping and the rug arrived in two days. The cat and I are very pleased!

Up and running on WordPress!

Gratuitous photo of me, my favorite bag, and “Jonathan Papelbon”

Three cheers for WordPress!

After signing up for a free Typepad tour and playing around with it a bit I decided it wasn’t for me. It just seemed clunky and still had all the disadvantages of Movable Type that I was trying to move away from. And I had a feeling I would end up with the same spam issues I had with MT that had basically been discouraging me to write ANY blog posts at all!

So I checked out all my favorite and beautifully designed blogs (see list to the right) and saw that most were running WordPress. But I was way to fearful to switch since learning MT was such a hassle to begin with (remember that glossary with all the mark up tags?) there was no way I was going to learn another system.

But as it turned out today was a rainy day in NYC so I decided to set up a test blog and give WordPress a try. And wow! In the time it took me to sit on my couch with my laptop, watch a Red Sox game and drink a beer I had my new blog up and running even better than before and I was sold…

WordPress rocks!

Dorky post about my web site technical issues…

Magid Handbag signs, NYC

Yikes, my comment spam is out of control! I’m looking for ways to streamline the back end management for this site since right now I just don’t have the time to deal with all the technical issues…I just want to talk about bags! Right now I drowning in comment/email spam and need to make a million technical improvements, but don’t have the time or interest to do all the trouble shooting. I have a million bag related posts I want to make but as soon as I open up Moveable Type and see all the spam and my buggy HTML my brain just goes BLAAAHHH and I surf on to another site.

WordPress looks interesting, but after aprox 8 years as an Moveable Type user I just don’t think I can teach myself a whole new blogging system. I’m thinking of migrating The Bag Blog over to Typepad which yes you have to pay for, but I really like the idea of having someone else take care of all the technical issues and deal with all the comment spam prevention etc

I’ve always been really proud of the fact that I handled both the technical and creative side of all my web sites, but at this point I give up and need some help! Any other bloggers about there that have found a good solution to this issue? Let me know: saralovering AT gmail DOT com

My new place


So if you are a reader of this blog you know I love to shop. I recently made the biggest purchase of my life when I bought my own apartment. It is a lovely 1 bedroom prewar co-op on the third floor in the prettiest neighborhood in Queens, NYC. I love the sunken living room, hardwood floors and the 15 min subway ride into Manhattan. Plus tree lined streets and Irish pubs on every corner.

So please excuse the slow down on the blog front these past few months. Instead of bag shopping I’ve been taking trips to Home Depot, and surfing around Bed & Bath and The Container Store.

Purchasing real estate in NYC is a painful drawn out tedious process that only works out in the end if you truly love the apartment. I was lucky to have the help of a wonder lawyer, real estate agent and mortgage broke.

Other good resources:
Property Shark
Craigs List
Street Easy
NY Times Real Estate

I was able to fit in a few bag purchases that I’ll be talking about here soon, so stay tuned.

San Francisco is where it’s AT

At the beginning of July I took a fantastic trip to San Francisco/Los Angeles to visit my sister. My first day in SF she suggested I take a walk over to Hayes Valley to check out all the cool stores that have cropped up. This was a pretty little neighborhood to stroll around, and while I didn’t end up buying anything (probably for the best), I did enjoy poking around some fun and unique little shops.

My favorite store in Hayes Valley was Dish. I could have happily strolled around this well-edited store for hours. They had my dream Mike & Chris hoodie leather jacket which I didn’t even allow myself to try on for fear that I would do something crazy.

Flight 001 was a cool, airplane themed compliment to the online site that I visit often.

Honey Ryder is where I would shop if I was living in SF and got invited to a fabulous party and needed a hot new outfit.

Ver Univa (sorry no pic) was a lovely little vintage store. They were having a big sale when I was there and I almost bought a leather jacket. I talked myself out of it though since I had a feeling it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase home.

Sadly my sister and her boyfriend informed my that Don’t Call It Frisco
has closed. Had it still been opened it would have received my Best Named Laundromat EVER Award. And here I was thinking I had something with the House of Sudz.

Cheryl Shops

I added a new link to the links pages today with Cheryl Shops, a great site I discovered while googling “designer denim”. This is a fantastic, not to mention amazingly comprehensive site all about shopping in NYC. I don’t know who Cheryl is, or what she does…but boy does she know her stuff!

Some highlights: