Wedding Make-Up Review

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I decided to do my own make-up for my wedding because I wanted to have complete control over the results and didn’t want to take a chance of running into a make-up artist with a heavy hand. But I still wanted to up my game a bit from my normal make up routine so I booked an appointment with a consultant at the Sephora on Lexington Ave  (Carlos!) who showed me some new tricks, and  some great new products and brands. I bought in the above picture of the amazing Keri Russell and I have to say he did a really good job duplicating the look and feel of the make up in the picture. My goal was glowing skin, and vivid eyes, with a neutral (but not boring) lip. I was very happy with how my makeup turned out for my wedding day, and I am usually my own toughest critic.

Here’s my list of makeup for the day, along with suggestions from my makeup artist. I listed what I bought and what I already had.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Original Formula, SPF 15 – My normal perfect SPF that I wear everyday. I’ve been a Neutrogena SPF girl for years now after a long ago dermatologist recommended this moisturizer. I love that I can buy a tube at the drugstore, and because it isn’t expensive, I don’t have to skip on the application and can slather all over my face. I’ve tried other “fancy” “miracle” moisturizer but I always come back to this one. If only I could buy it in bulk…
Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in No. 0 Porcelain – Jury is still out on this one. I bought it new and wore it for my wedding day with (i think) good results, but it seems to sit on top of my skin instead of absorbing. One my wedding day I mixed it will a little Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers which seemed to get the lightweight/dewy consistency that I was going for. However, since then I’ve trying been to get the same results, but the consistency just doesn’t seem to be right.
Stila Bronzer similar (alternate: Too Faced Bronzer Chocolate Soleil) – I used a minimal amount of bronzer for my wedding day since I was too scared I would mess it up, but if you are braver than I am I would invest in the Too Faced Bronzer.
Urban Decay EyeShadow Primer Potion (Alternate: The Balm Put a Lid on It)
Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow Trio (similar here) – Just bit to get a little pop. I used an old eyeshadow pack I got in a Clinique bonus bag years ago.

Benefit R.S.V.P Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow – My favorite neutral champagne color. Good to use as a base if you are doing a fancy or smokey eye, or perfect to wear alone for an everyday eyeshadow look.
NARS Lipstick in Mayflower I purchased this specifically for my wedding day, and it is amazing shade of shimmery pink, without being too over the top. Also works well as a day to night lipstick.
Clinique Long Last Glosswear (Alternate: Marc Jacobs Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Overprotected)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
Urban Decay Super-Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner in Perversion  – This is one of my new favorites, that was a success on my wedding day, and has now become something a I reach for every morning. I use some generic angled brush (maybe this one) and apply to my tightline right at the base of my eyelashes to make them look at little lush.
NARS Blush in Orgasm – Classic.
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light Another new daily favorite. I had never really even heard of this brand before meeting my Sephora consultant, but I really love this shimmery (but not too shimmery) powder. I apply it last over all my other make up with a big fat brush, and it sets everything and gives me a little glow.

Spring Make Up: Something Old & Something New

I’m trying to get better at looking in my closet/make up drawer before buying anything new. Hopefully “Shop the closet first” will become my new motto. I’ve been pretty poor at this in the past, which is evident by the 20 tubes of mascara that are currently sitting in my bathroom.

For my spring make up, I wanted to try to keep things streamlined and minimal for everyday, with a pop of color and gloss for evenings and special occasions. Here is what I came up with…


1. NARS Orgasm lip gloss & pressed powder blush. I’ve had this kicking around in my purse for a while, the label is all worn down and the tube is probably close to empty. I held off buying anything in the Orgasm line for a while since I assumed it was popular just because of the gimmicky name. Turns out it isn’t a gimmick , it is popular because it is the best color out there. Pinky/gold/peach/sparkly!

2. Cargo bronzer. I’ve had this tub for I think over four years, and have just started to hit the bottom, so I’ve definitely gotten my moneys worth. It’s taken me some time to feel like I really know how to apply my summer bronzer. For me a light touch is key! When this tub is empty I am going to check out NARS Laguna┬ábased on the recommendation from Ramshackle Glam.


1. Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation in fairly light N10. Bare Minerals is one of those products I got back and forth on. Sometimes I’ll stop using for months since I think the powder emphasizes my wrinkles and the color wears off by 2pm in the afternoon. Other times I feel like it is the perfect make up for my face with a healthy, dewey finish. For this spring I am back on the powder bandwagon and what could be better than this pretty gold lid?

2. Bare Minerals Redness Remedy: I haven’t been using this long enough to say if it works, but I have high hopes for the product. The older I get the redder my nose and chin get, and now I am getting some discolored spots on the apples of my cheeks (age spots????? ahhhhh!!!) I’ve cut down the use of my Clarasonic Mia to three times a week since I was worried that was aggravating the issue, and now I am looking for a powder solution as well. The brush is overkill, but it comes with the product.

3. Benefit They’re Real!: I actually bought this over the winter, but it never made it into my regular mascara rotation. I thought it irritated my eyes, and was hard to wash off at night. I finally started using it again this spring, and am liking it much more. Still looking for a good suggestion for make up remover though.

4. NARS Heat Wave: Finally! I’ve been eyeing this lipstick for going to two years now after obsessing over the red/orange lips of recent JCrew models, but my fear of orange kept stopping me. I was pretty happy with NARS Gipsy since it was a more brick red/blue that I was comfortable with, but for this spring (and after another JCrew catalog landed in the mail) I started thinking about Heat Wave again. It is exactly the right kind of POP that is called for on a warm spring evening.

What are your old/new make up picks for Spring 2012?

Red Lips


For the longest time I was afraid of red lips. I was worried about choosing the wrong color for my pale complexion, looking like I was “trying too hard” and most of all, getting lipstick on my teeth. But I finally took a chance on red after being inspired by all the lovely models in some past JCrew catalogs.

I found that the key for me when it came to being more comfortable with red lips was to ask a Sephora or MAC employee to suggest a color. That way I could walk around confident that the color was right for me, as opposed to just guessing at what looked pretty in a tube.

Here is my current collection of pretty reds, from left to right:
1. MAC Hot Tahiti 2. Laura Mercier Garnet 3. Bare Escentuals Red Zin 4. NARS Gipsy

Comfy and Casual + Red Lips

Now I love red lips, and not even for a special occasion. During the Fall my favorite look was a messy top bun, oversized sweatshirt, skinny jeans, flat shoes, chambray t shirt…and red lips! Love it since I felt like myself, but just a little fancier.

My red wish list is:
1. Nars Red Square Matte Pencil 2. Nars Heat Wave 3. MAC Russian Red

What is your favorite red?

New make up

1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF15

The first week I started using this I got carded FIVE TIMES! It is nice and lightweight and gives my skin a nice smooth dewy finish. It is great for the winter when my skin starts to dry out. Did I mention carded five times???

2. MAC Fix+

I first read about this on Lollipop26’s blog and I thought it would be a great product for winter. Extra moisture, dewy sheen, and it helps fix my make up on my face where it belongs. I can’t say I’ve mastered it yet. There is a fine line between dewy and greasy looking and sometimes I think this product puts me over the edge. But I’m determined to figure out what works for me.

3. Bobbie Brown Corrector & Creamy Concealer Kit

I’m on a quest to banish my under eye bags and dark circles. So far the combo of the pink corrector and the yellow concealer plus the powder to set seems to be doing the trick. This make up even passed the biggest test the first day I wore it…catching my reflection in the subway window.

Beauty product day!

Every have one of those days where you just get obsessed with buying beauty products and can’t stop? That day was today.

Duane Reade: I picked up my latest nail polish crush “Ballet Slipper” from Essie. I selected this color for my manicure last week, and now I must have some at home for all times. It is the perfect summer shade. Light, airy and easy going!

Bergdorf Goodman: It was time to stock up on my Laura Mercier Tinter Moisturizer, aka The One Makeup Product I Can’t Live Without. Normally I get Porcelain, but this lady gave me Nude. Not sure if I should return it for my normal color, or give Nude a shot.

Sephora: I’ve been wanting to give bronzer try for a while. Since I have fair skin and stay out of the sun my skin never ever has a “sun kissed glow”…so I might as well fake it. I picked up a CARGO bronzer that is nice and shimmery, but not over the top so I can avoid the dreaded Dina Lohan Orange Face. I also picked up a new Bronzer brush.

The Body Shop: A favorite of my teenage years, I’ve rediscovered the Body Shop in the past year or so. I’m hooked on all the fruity shower gels and buy them in all sorts of scents. Today I ran in to purchase a tube of Seaweed Exfoliant after reading this post & comments over at Of course now I’m curious about this Cellulite Serum so I may be making a return trip!