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For our honeymoon in Tulum I was picturing that I would buy the perfect bag in Mexico the first day or so after we arrived. The bag in my mind was colorful, handmade by local tradespeople, long straps so I could wear cross body, and definitely not something you could buy in the US.

Well I did in fact find that exact bag – but it was on the sale rack at the Urban Outfitters at 59th St & 3rd Ave about a week before my trip! There is no label other than “Made in Guatemala” but as best I can tell it is the Stela 9 X UO Mini Tavniah Crossbody Bag that (sadly) is sold out.

The Tavniah bag was the perfect size for a travel/adventure bag, with a zip top that made me feel secure that nothing would be stolen or accidentally fall out of my bag. The strap was adjustable so I was able to change to fit whatever outfit I was wearing at the time. The body of the bag is a black/white/gray pattern with a colorful center accent, and multi colored fringe which pretty much worked will the neutral color pattern I picked out for all my honeymoon outfits. This bag was with me for the majority of our honeymoon – perfect for the beach or climbing up the side on a Mayan ruin, or hiking through a jungle. The whole trip I kept looking around to buy a local bag, but I couldn’t find anything better than the Tavniah bag. By the end of our week and a half in Mexico my Stela 9 bag was looking a little beat up, but I just tossed it in the wash when we got home and it is as good as new, and ready to be worn all around Brooklyn!

My Stela 9 bag is sold out at Urban Outfitters, but you can purchase a similar one direct from their website (here, here, or here). The whole Stela 9 collection is pretty interesting as the bags are handmade by indigenous artisans in Guatemala who are paid a living wage. See below for some additional bags.