Salvaged: Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirt

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One of my favorite things about living in Brooklyn is the “Free Baskets” that everyone puts out for the world. Since moving here I’ve both picked up and given away some good stuff. But the best find was a few weeks ago when I peeked in a paper bag left on a stoop and found a Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirt in light purple. It was pretty much brand new, and my size. I had picked up a plaid Steven Alan shirt last year on Ebay, and am still convinced that this style is too boxy for us tall girls who need a longer shirt that hits below the hips. And so not a style or color I would have chosen myself, but I decided it was definitely a shirt I would happily wear for free!

The bag is the Farmer’s Market Tote from J. Crew that is now sold out, but I grabbed it for about $20 at a recent sale. They only had blue which I liked, but would have preferred the natural color. Turns out this is actually only a bag for carrying produce back from the farmers market, as I tried to use it as a daily commuting bag and the bottom and sides stretched way out from the weight of all my contents. So overall a great bag, but don’t use it for anything heavy for long periods of time. In this case I was actually headed to our local farmer’s market so it was the perfect bag to carry.

My cut-off shorts look pretty ordinary but they are actually very special to me as they are the first pair of designer denim I ever bought. Back in 2004 (wow almost 10 years ago!) I saved my pennies and headed over to Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston and bought this 7 for All Mankind pair that I wore near daily for years. About 3 years ago as I was long over the trouser cut I sliced them into cut-offs. But not just any cut-offs: my inspiration were the denim shorts worn by Parker Posey’s character in Broken English – a movie that has an amazing outfit in pretty much every frame. I had the movie on pause when I cut them so I could get them to hit in the exact same spot that Nora’s shorts do in the move.

Shirt: Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirt, similar here
Tank: White Gap tank top
Bag: Farmer’s Market Tote from J. Crew – sold out!
Shorts: 7 for All Mankind Dojo Original Trouser (Cut off – obviously)
Hat: No name brand – impulse purchase from Bolton’s on 57th street
Shoes: Tom’s Shoes in Navy Umbrella Classic – but I wish I had help out for the camo pair
Coffee: Large with milk – no sugar. From Ladybird Bakery

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  1. These similar bags are becoming a hot trend and you can find different design and color that goes well with your fashion statement. Very handy for picking up the light weight food.

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