My No. 6 Clogs

no. 6 clogs


I’ve had my No. 6 clogs for about a month now and they have become my go to boots – the first shoes I reach for every morning when getting dressed. I am so happy that I made my purchase, and only wish I hadn’t waited 3 years to finally make the purchase.

To save some bucks I purchased my boots secondhand on Ebay. I know some people think used shoes are super gross, but I’ve had really good luck with Ebay shoe purchases. I always wipe down the inside with a clorox wipe, and then spot clean with warm water and some soap, especially scrubbing the bottoms. When these shoes arrived I had a temporary case of buyer’s remorse since they were REALLY beat up. The wood under the toes was completely worn down and wood was chipped on the sides. The leather on the front top and sizes was a scuffed and grey, instead of black. I was really worried I had wasted my money on shoes that really should have just been dropped in the trash.

However a local cobbler saved the day and was somehow able to fill in the missing worn down wood on the front, add a new front sole, and shine up the leather. The boot are still clearly not new with some chipping on the side and a worn heel, but my plan is to get those repaired later on.

Sizing for the No. 6 clogs is tricky! Since I am in NYC I visited the store on Centre Market frequently and kept trying on new pairs until it felt right. I had to size WAY up for the boots. My normal shoes size is a 9, which usually translates to a 40. The girls at No. 6 kept suggesting a 39/40 for me but I could feel my toes rubbing at the front. I finally sized up to a 41and they felt HUGE. Both too wide and too long, but since there are no half sizes I figured that was my only option. Then I waited months for a pair of 41’s to finally go on sale on Ebay so I could make my move!

Next up are shoes for spring and summer. I still love my Swedish Hasbeen sandal wedges, but I am also interested in a pair of the No. 6 peep toe mules in ash or mocha.

Jacket: Eddie Bauer Stadium Coat (blogged here)
Hat: American Apparel
Jeans: Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans
Bag: WNYC Ecotote – pledge to get yours! (also blogged here)
Boots: No. 6 5″ Leather Buckle Boot¬†– via Ebay