Jacket: WeatherEdge® Superior Down Stadium Coat by Eddie Bauer
Boots: Frye – old (similar here)
Jeans: J Brand – old (similar here)
Sunglasses: Cheap pair I bought at a Brooklyn Post Office (!) but someday when they break I am going to replace them with these.
Hat: Uniqlo Heatteach (Men’s)

Ever since the temperatures dropped here in NYC (and let’s face it, even before then) I’ve been dreaming of a new winter parka that would work for both cold and wet weather. I have a great puffy coat from Soia & Kyo, (wearing in this post) but it is really only for cold/dry weather, since the nylon is instantly soaked in the rain and it doesn’t have a hood. I also have some great rain coats, but can only wear them in the spring/fall since they aren’t warm enough for winter. What I needed was a jacket that could combine the best of both.

After much searching of parkas high and low I finally stumbles across the WeatherEdge® Superior Down Stadium Coat from Eddie Bauer. Once the decision was made that this parka was *the one* my boyfriend was kind enough to step in and buy for me as an early birthday present. Very generous since my birthday isn’t until March!

I’ve been wearing the jacket for about a week now in all kinds of weather and so far I’m really happy with it. I love the big giant hood, and the faux fur looks so real I joke that it confuses my cats. Pockets are giant and well placed, and the zipper is a good quality. The most interesting thing about the coat is how the color changes depending on what kind of light I am in. It is officially called “Coffee” but with indoor lighting the coat looks army green, outdoors it looks like a brown/taupe. I really wanted an army green parka, but I am actually enjoying the color change since it is fun to check the different colors in all the places I go.

Only a few complaints, first I do wish there were some side “hand warmer” pockets included in the patch pockets. On really cold days I feel that wind tends to blow upwards inside the coat, but I think if I adjust the side tabs that will fix the problem. I could also use an extra inch on the sleeves, but I do like the rest of the fit, so I am glad I didn’t size up from my Small.

Other than that I love this coat and plan to wear it for years to come.

(The runner up to this coat was the Acadia Down Coat from L.L. Bean which also made Kim France’s list of non-awful parkas.)

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