Lost & Found: Frye Harness Boots

Boots: Frye, Vest: Gap, Shirt: JCrew, Jeans: J Brand, Sunglassed: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I read a post from Goop a ways back that mentioned “shopping your closet” and I’ve been trying to get in the habit of doing this first before I shop for real and spend more money. When I started thinking about fall boots this year, I “shopped” my closet and found my pair of Frye Harness 12R boots thrown in the back and covered in about an inch of dust. I had planned to bring them to a consignment store last year but never got around to it, and then had forgotten that I even owned them. Around the same time I read A.B. Chao’s post about the “Elegant Cowgirl” in her Fall Uniform post and I started thinking of giving these boots another shot.

I bought these about three years ago from Zappos after cobbling together a couple gift cards and some holiday cash. I always really liked them, and they were exactly what I expected but for some reason I was never really able to find a place for them in my wardrobe. Although I have small feet for my height the boots just seemed HUGE and clompy. I also felt they were too casual for work so that cut out five days of possible wear right there. I got a little bit of use out of them with some long boot cut jeans, but since you couldn’t really see them under the jeans they seemed a little pointless.

This fall, after dusting off the boots I stared wearing them  with my skinny jeans for a casual late fall weekend outfit. My favorite thing about these boots is how rough and tough they are, and the rustic harness details. I’ve found that the more fitted the jeans are the more the outfit works for me. I also like throwing on a preppy top (like this JCrew striped t) to add an interesting contrast. I’m thinking of also trying them with some black leggings and a chambray shirt, or maybe a lacy flowy blouse to really place up the contrast.

2 thoughts on “Lost & Found: Frye Harness Boots

  1. Love ’em! I owned these for years, too, and they never felt quite comfortable. Finally this Fall I took them to Pennywise Consignment Shop in Mystic. I miss how they look but not how they felt on my feet. I just hope someone else is enjoying them. Yours look great on!

  2. Good move, don’t get rid of Frye boots! They are classically constant and always in fashion.

    They’ll be wearable long after the ankle boot fad passes us by.

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