What’s in My Bag? The Go Bag Edition

Here in NYC the wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy are starting to pick up, so I thought I would do a “What’s in my bag?” for my Go Bag that we keep on hand for emergencies. I used this list from the City of NYC to put it together. The important thing about your Go Bag is to make sure you have everything in one place, and you can grab the bag and go if you ever need to!

1. Multiple flashlights
2. Batteries
3. Snacks!
3. Candles/Lighter
4. Water
5. Radio. I marked the local news stations on the dial with a sharpie.
6. First Aid Kit. We grabbed a generic one from CVS.
The bag is an old tote with some extra pockets that are great for stashing extra batteries and matches. I actually wrote about this tote back in 2004, and here it is again as my Go Bag.

What do you keep on hand for emergencies?