I have a theory on jewelry: It should either be really cheap and over the top, or expensive fine jewelry. Nothing middle of the road and trying to have it both ways. Of course I mostly have cheap stuff so here are two of my favorites:

Wooden necklace: I got this at Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope. I saw it in the glass case and assumed it was a one of a kind vintage 70’s necklace, and then the cashier reached into a drawer that held about a hundred of them, mass-produced and  shrink wrapped in plastic. But I love it nonetheless, and have never run into another person wearing it. My current favorite pairing is with my L.L. Bean sailor shirt to de-prep and make the stripes more interesting.

H&M “Jewels”: I bought this recently at the H&M at 59th & Lex and I assume it is in every store. For a day time look I wore with a Gap chambray shirt, inspired by a display I saw at JCrew of their denim shirt and the flower lattice necklace. For the night I switched out the necklace to wear with a black tank and pink silk pencil skirt (bridesmaid skirt from my sister’s wedding!) I love this necklace since it is both simple yet complex, perfect for day to night, and makes a nice clinking sound when I walk.

Pictures from my Instagram feed: thebagblog