Month: August 2012

Preppy Hybrid

I have never been a hug fan of all thing preppy until recently. Probably due to the fact that I never really hung out with the prepsters growing up, as I was more of a black t shirts and alternative/heavy metal grunge type back in the day. But as I get older and try to wear more timeless clothes, and shop less “fast fashion” I am finding much to like in simple, preppy items that I constantly love and rewear season after season. Of course I do feel the need to “de-prep” my outfits a bit by throwing on some studded bracelets, heavy wood necklace or red orange lipstick, so maybe it is more of a “preppy hybrid”.

 Preppy Things I already own that I love

1. Sperry Denim/Patent Top siders: I purchased these on sale a few years ago and they have quickly become my go to daily shoes. I am always partial to slip on shoes, but for me the denim fabric combined with blue patent leather is a great update to a familiar shoe.

2. LL Bean French Sailor’s shirt (also written about here)

3. LL Bean Lobster Flip Flops: Just love. Was afraid these were too pink when they arrived in the mail, since I was expecting the straps to be more red, but after one wearing I loved them. Easy to throw in the wash when the straps get a little dirty.

4. LL Bean duck boots: Perfect for running around NYC in the rain laced up over a pair of skinny jeans. I got this pair on Ebay and they are labeled “MOM” on the bottom which is kind of funny.


5. White Jeans: Are white jeans preppy? I am going with yes. I got this pair of white Citizens of Humanity at m.a.e. right here in Park Slope.


My preppy wish list

1. Sperry Top Sider in classic brown

2. Sperry Boat Shoe Boots: Saw a pair of these in a consignment store but sadly they were a half a size too small and I have been unable to locate online. They were basically a Sperry top sider bottom with a top like a pair of duck boots. Anybody know how to find these shoes?

3. Vera Bradley Large Duffle in Chanticleer: I LOVE the chickens! I really only like the retired Vera Bradley patterns, which is fine since I just look on Ebay.

4. Another LL Bean boat and tote: Thinking of getting a small open top bag with navy blue trim.

7. Low Rise Duck Boots: Back to Ebay to find the perfect pair. (I am trying to be animal friendly and buy leather goods second hand.)

8. LL Bean French Sailor’s Shirt again: It will be twice as nice to have two! This one will be the cream/navy color combo.

9. Navy blazer with gold buttons: Love the shrunken schoolboy blazer from JCrew.



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The Bag Blog on Tumblr

I admit I really don’t understand Tumblr, but I am trying to learn and figure out the best way to use for TBB.

Since posts on this page do tend to frequently veer off topic from exclusively bags I decided to set up a Tumblr for just bag only posts and photos. You can follow me at (I used a nifty site to get all my Instagram photos with a #dailybag hashtag to automatically upload. So easy!)

What are some great Tumblrs out there that I should be following? How do you use Tumblr?