Month: July 2012

When in doubt, wear stripes

Alternate title: “All I Needed to Know about Fashion I Learned From My Cat (and/or sailors)”

I’ve been doing a little experiment recently. Every time I was feeling confused/conflicted about what to wear I would throw on one of my many striped shirts. Turns out stripes are perfect for every occasion. Camping, backyard BBQs, baseball games, office wear, after work drinks, you name it. Stripes can be dressed down with denim cut offs and still feel crisp and clean, or dressed up with a blazer and/or pencil skirt yet still feel comfortable. The perfect short cut to feeling good about your outfit in every circumstance!

My current “A-List” of striped shirts (and bag). L to R clockwise:

1. Madewell baseball t-shirt: I just bought this last night and already love it! On sale for $13.
2. Baggu striped Duck Bag: From the Gap. The perfect weekend bag with a fun pop of pink/orange.
3. LL Bean French Sailor’s Shirt: I originally purchased this just to throw something extra into my online cart for a LL Bean order so I could get free shipping. When it first arrived in the mail I was disappointed that it was more of a thicker material, instead of a t-shirt weight. However after one wearing all was forgotten and this became my #1 All Time A list striped shirt. I love it. And at $29.99 it is crazy affordable. Planning my next color combo to order…maybe “Plum Wine/Bright Navy”.
4. Gap Hot Pink/Navy: Great (unexpected) color combination! I grabbed this from the Gap sale rack last winter/early spring. Long sleeves are great for layering under a sweater. The shirt also has a cute boat neck with buttons. Very fitted, so slighty different from more boxy striped shirts.
5. Zara Striped Shirt with gold zipper: A little different with a round roll neck, and gold zipper on my left shoulder. A heavier material more similar to the LL Bean shirt. A large and boxy fit, so works best thrown over other layers.
6. JCrew Striped Painters Tee (similar): Also fitted, with three quarter sleeves. Great under a blazer for work.
7. Rodarte for Target Striped shirt (not pictured –oops!): Thin tee shirt material, longer sleeves. Sadly the white is started to darken from many washings.


Stripe shirt outtake picture. Decided these were no longer “A list” so left them out of the above photo, but I still like them.

The inspiration for my stripes: my adorable striped cat Cady!


Some blog posts about stripes that I have enjoyed recently:
The Working Closet: Mighty Closet: a collection of striped shirts that I can get behind
Les Anti-Moderns: Foundations: The breton stripe shirt: Ms. Sophie writes a through review of breton shirts, including the classic St. James.

Bensimons for the Brooklyn summer

I first read about Besimons in a post on Cup of Jo at the exact time I was on the look out for some new summer slip on shoes to replace my beloved Tom’s which sadly developed a hole by the toe after almost a year of constant wearing. Instantly I placed an order on Shopbop for a gray and tan pair in my size and a half size up since most reviews said they ran small. Although the shoes were cute to my surprise even the half size up was too small and I had to send both back. And as much as I liked the idea of wearing the “French girl’s Converse” all over Brooklyn all sumer, at almost $60 they seemed a little pricey for the quality.

Of course once I sent the shoes back I started seeing Bensimons on the feet of every cute girl around town, and I really needed some new summer slip ons. I did think of purchasing a second pair of Tom’s but really decided I wanted something new.

Then a few weeks ago I got lucky on Ebay! A pair of slightly used slate grey slip on Bensimons popped up and I scored them for a cool $27.  This time I went for a size 10 (41) which is a full size up from my normal 9. The shoes were gently worn, but there was a slightly loose piece of rubbery lining that had ripped open, but I just snipped off with some small scissors. Once quick run through the washer in a mesh bag and my Bensimons were good as new!

Photos above from Instagram. Follow me at “thebagblog”.


The Bag Blog is now on Instagram! Search for me under thebagblog if you are interested in filtered photos of cats, bags & Brooklyn!

What’s in my bag?

1. JCrew leopard scarf. At a recent JCrew sale I picked up this scarf and a hot pink one for about $20 each. Great for the summer when I spend most of my time on a freezing subway car or cold office.

2. Baggu reusable tote from the No. 6 + BAGGU collection

3. NARS lipgloss in Orgasm. Simply the best, especially for the summer.

4. NARS The Multiple in Riviera. I couple never really get into The Multiple since it I pretty much just use it for cheeks, but hoping if I carry it with me I will start using it.

5. Silver reflective aviator sunglass. Perfect for summer. Purchased at a Brooklyn post office (say what?) two summers ago for about $10.

6. Coach wallet. Gift from about 10 years ago. Still looks brand new.

7. NEW Cole Haan leather wristlet to hold subway pass and earbuds. Nice light gold with a shimmer. TJMaxx $24.99

8. Laura Mercier pressed powder for cover up. Really need to get a new on the go cover up system since this one is too matte, but determined to use this one up first.

9. Glasses. Yes I had LASIK 5 years ago (LOVE) but sadly due to age  I now need computer/TV/reading glasses. But these are fun nerdy retro glasses and deserve their own post.

10. Granola bar. When I get hungry I get cranky.

11. Baggu pouch for nail clippers, comb, toothpaste, etc.

12. Kindle. Love to download The New Yorker every Monday morning.

13. Chapstick and Dior gloss (free with Sephora points)

14. Zip up Coach Wallet. Another gift, I use this one to organize coupons, store cards and checks I need to cash.

And the Bag: Stripped JCrew tote from about 3 summers ago. The perfect canvas tote.