Let’s Talk about Clogs

I’ve always had a soft spot for clogs. I think I like the combination of wood, leather, history, practicality, and the fact that they can combine cute and comfortable, all while looking a little old school. In the early 2000’s back in my Boston days I was all about clunky clogs from Troentorp. I had a pair of Picasso clogs  that I wore until they were literally falling apart.

But then after moving to NYC I forgot about clogs and started wearing heels or ballet flats instead. Until a couple years ago when clogs started to show up all over the streets of NYC. These were different clogs though, a little sleeker and thinner with (maybe!) a bit of a sexy vibe. Then clog boots started showing up on the feet of lovelies such as Michelle Williams, and SJP, as well as pretty much any cute girl walking around downtown.

I of course wanted to jump right on this new/old bandwagon, but found myself hesitating at the price point. I purchased all my old clogs in Boston off Ebay, so the idea of spending $300-$500 for one pair of shoes was a little scary. Plus in the back of my head I was worried it was more of a fad. So I waited.

Sweedish Hasbeens Wedge heels with mint jeans from Old Navy

During Summer of 2010 I was able to order a pair of Sweedish Hasbeens Wedge heel sandals with black straps through a 50% off Lucky Breaks sale, and I was smitten from day one. They fit right off the bat, and were comfortable from day one. Two years in these are still a great pair of shoes, though I do need to do some cleaning to get them back to looking their best.

Now here we are a full THREE years later since I started thinking about clogs again and I still want clog boots. Had I purchased them at full price three years ago I would still be wearing them today and enjoying a very low cost per wear. So even though it is June I am finally on the hunt for my fall/winter clogs boots.

The No. 6 store in Nolita at 6 Centre Market Place, NYC

No. 6 lead the pack with custom made clogs out of their Nolita store and I headed there first. I was surprised to not be thrilled by these shoes when I tried on a pair of aviator boots (#2) and some mules. The mules were cute but I could tell I would walk out of them, and the boots weren’t as sleek as I was expecting and I could feel the zippered side rubbing painfully into my feet. I’m still open to this brand since I have heard so many good reviews, but wondering if they are right for my feet.

Next up: the Sweedish Hasbeens Jodhpur boots. Since I already have the wedge heels I know that I like this brand. In the pictures they look a little sleeker & streamlined than the No. 6 boots. On my to do list: find a store in NYC that sells these boots so I can try on in person.

Cozy fall boots: Here I come! Have you purchased any clog boots?




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