I resisted getting a Le Pliage from Longchamp for years. About two years ago I picked up a small Le Pliage from Bloomingdale’s in eggplant but ended up returning it a few days later since I was too small for my daily commute. But still the Le Pliage was on my mind but I was always able to talk myself out of it due to the price and the fact that everyone carries this bag around.

Over the summer I started reconsidering and found myself in Bloomingdales one again, but this time with a 25% off coupon. The Le Pliage came home with me and it has been my favorite bag ever since.

Turns out this bag is popular for a reason, it is perfect. Or about as perfect as a mass produced bag can be. I can fill the bag to the brim, including my iPad and lunch, but it is so lightweight it is still easy to tote around. I also got the version of the bag with the long straps, which is comfortable to throw over your shoulder even while wearing a bulky winter coat. I selected the color Graphite, and it is the perfect cool mix of blue and grey.

The past summer was a really busy time when work was crazy and on top of that we were searching for a new apartment in Brooklyn. I was able to carry everything I needed for work, as well as piles of paper work for potential apartment applications in this bag, as well as all my normal stuff like my wallet and makeup. Everything fit, and the bag was still comfortable to carry, and beautiful to look at. This bag saved me.

My only complaint is that the one inside pocket tends to fold into itself when the bag is set down, so my subway pass and my Black Honey Almost Lipstick tend to fall to the bottom of the bag. I’ve found I have to lean it a certain way when I set it down, so not that big a deal.

I’m also pretty happy that after about six months of continuous use this bag look brand new with zero wear and tear.

Next on my list: A mini cosmetics case (to use as a clutch) and a Mini Fold Up Tote for weekends.

16 comments on “Ode to my Longchamp Le Pliage in Graphite”

  1. Great bag ! I love the use of the colour + the simplicity of this bag which looks not only pleasing but would be very practical to.

  2. I use my LongChamp bag as a carry-on for when I fly. I have another one that I designate as my ‘shoe bag’ for trips :o) Great post!

  3. Well,well… I really have to say the blog is so amazing.
    I am a crazy fan of bags,but I just can’t write blog so well.
    Or you may like to go to my little bags shop.

  4. Hello!
    It’s so funny that I’m running into your blog now for the first time because I just did a review post on my own Le Pliage too! lol It really is the best bag to carry everything in and I completely agree.. the single, shallow little pocket sometimes gets on my nerves because my phone keeps slipping out of it :T . But other than that I have no complains^.^

    Rawrs, Evey

  5. I love the Longchamp collection of bags because of their versatility (including the Le Pliage) and reasonable price points. My proviso to non-European Union residents shopping for a Longchamp bag in Paris is to actually wait and make purchases in the CDG Paris International airport so that you can take advantage of the upfront tax-free opportunity without the ‘administrative hassle’ of the EU duty-free paperwork. I purchased my beautiful bag (LM Cuir) for 430 Euros in the nicely-appointed Rue Saint Honore location in Paris but I was surprised to see the same selection, and my bag for 385 Euros! The Longchamp sales associate at the CDG airport location told me that next time I was in Paris, to refrain from doing too much shopping as the same merchandise can easily be found in the various shops in Terminal 2! Go figure!

  6. What size is this? I was thinking about getting the medium in navy with long straps but I’m scared it’s going to be too small…

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