Month: January 2012

Red Lips


For the longest time I was afraid of red lips. I was worried about choosing the wrong color for my pale complexion, looking like I was “trying too hard” and most of all, getting lipstick on my teeth. But I finally took a chance on red after being inspired by all the lovely models in some past JCrew catalogs.

I found that the key for me when it came to being more comfortable with red lips was to ask a Sephora or MAC employee to suggest a color. That way I could walk around confident that the color was right for me, as opposed to just guessing at what looked pretty in a tube.

Here is my current collection of pretty reds, from left to right:
1. MAC Hot Tahiti 2. Laura Mercier Garnet 3. Bare Escentuals Red Zin 4. NARS Gipsy

Comfy and Casual + Red Lips

Comfy and Casual + Red Lips by thebagblog featuring skinny leg jeans

Now I love red lips, and not even for a special occasion. During the Fall my favorite look was a messy top bun, oversized sweatshirt, skinny jeans, flat shoes, chambray t shirt…and red lips! Love it since I felt like myself, but just a little fancier.

My red wish list is:
1. Nars Red Square Matte Pencil 2. Nars Heat Wave 3. MAC Russian Red

What is your favorite red?

Ode to my Longchamp Le Pliage in Graphite





I resisted getting a Le Pliage from Longchamp for years. About two years ago I picked up a small Le Pliage from Bloomingdale’s in eggplant but ended up returning it a few days later since I was too small for my daily commute. But still the Le Pliage was on my mind but I was always able to talk myself out of it due to the price and the fact that everyone carries this bag around.

Over the summer I started reconsidering and found myself in Bloomingdales one again, but this time with a 25% off coupon. The Le Pliage came home with me and it has been my favorite bag ever since.

Turns out this bag is popular for a reason, it is perfect. Or about as perfect as a mass produced bag can be. I can fill the bag to the brim, including my iPad and lunch, but it is so lightweight it is still easy to tote around. I also got the version of the bag with the long straps, which is comfortable to throw over your shoulder even while wearing a bulky winter coat. I selected the color Graphite, and it is the perfect cool mix of blue and grey.

The past summer was a really busy time when work was crazy and on top of that we were searching for a new apartment in Brooklyn. I was able to carry everything I needed for work, as well as piles of paper work for potential apartment applications in this bag, as well as all my normal stuff like my wallet and makeup. Everything fit, and the bag was still comfortable to carry, and beautiful to look at. This bag saved me.

My only complaint is that the one inside pocket tends to fold into itself when the bag is set down, so my subway pass and my Black Honey Almost Lipstick tend to fall to the bottom of the bag. I’ve found I have to lean it a certain way when I set it down, so not that big a deal.

I’m also pretty happy that after about six months of continuous use this bag look brand new with zero wear and tear.

Next on my list: A mini cosmetics case (to use as a clutch) and a Mini Fold Up Tote for weekends.

LL Bean Hunter’s Tote and a stoop sale success story


One of my favorite things about living in Brooklyn is the many stoops sales when the weather is nice. Sometimes you find exactly what you have been wising for.

I’ve had an LL Bean Hunter’s Tote in camouflage on my wish list for a long time (proof of this), not to take on a hunting trip, but to use as a sturdy travel bag.

One stoop sale I was in the right place at the right time as I spotted the exact bag for $5. Not sure who (or what?) the “Haggis” are but thank you for putting you bag up for sale!

My N.Y.E Outfit


We spent NYE at a fabulous little French restaurant in Brooklyn. At the countdown they gave everyone sparklers for their table, and at the stroke of midnight we could see the Grand Army fireworks from the window. Here’s to more sparklers and fireworks in 2012!

What I wore:
Dress: Many Folds from Anthropologie
Fabulous silk dress with whimsical origami cranes that I scored for 30% off. However, NOT weather appropriate for winter in the Northeast no matter how many UNIQLO Heat Tech layers you wear underneath.

Bracelets: Studded leather wrap bracelets from Jcrew and Madewell.

Shoes: Frye Allie Softy pump
Beautiful to look at, but impossible to walk in. I had to swap out some sparkly Gap ballet flats for transportation.

Rings: Bamboo stacking rings with aquamarine birthstone
My Christmas present!

Scarf: My beloved Missoni scarf that I wear every day
I got mine at a sale at Filene’s Basement, but the same one was recently listed at Anthro.

Nail polish: Kennebunk-Port by OPI

Lipstick (not pictured): Red Zin by Bare Minerals

Coat (not pictured): Giant warm puffy coat from Soia & Kyo
See above note about the non-weather appropriate dress! I was still cold.

Bag (not pictured): Vintage

My 2012 fashion resolution? Buy more investment pieces, and less fast fashion!