I’m always in the market for reusuable tote bags and had been wanting to check out BAGGU since reading about the bags on Camp Comfort and

I ended up picking up two in one day while taking a stroll around my new neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. The duck bag was first as I spotted it hanging up at Bird on Fifth Ave. I couldn’t decide between olive or stone, but stone eventually won out.

My second BAGGU of the day was found at Diane Kane also on Fifth. Having long admired anything from No. 6 but unable to justify the prices, I was especially excited to see they still had the reusable bags from the No. 6+BAGGU collection. I love the vibrant blue color and the tiny animal print.

So far the No. 6 reusable tote had gotten the most use, and I keep it in my daily bag all the time. The duck bag is a little too tall for me to use as a daily commuting bag (everything falls to the bottom) but it is great for weekends, or as we recently discovered carrying Christmas presents around when traveling.

Next up I plan to buy the BAGGU zippered bag (animal prints!) so I can finally organize my travel and daily makeup pouches.