I recently got around to purchasing a new rug for my foyer and I love it. I had been meaning to do this ever since I spotted the Alvine Triangel Ikea rug over at Door Sixteen, but sadly the rug was discontinued before I had a chance to buy. Last week however my downstairs neighbor complained that my footsteps in my foyer area were too loud (!) so I decided the only solution was to get a nice thick rug to absorb the noise.

So with visions of the Alvine Triangel rug still dancing in my head I started searching for  a modern black and white rug that would be a nice contrast to the more traditional oriental rugs that I have in the rest of my rooms.

Anthropologie to the rescue! The Climbing Vines rug immediately jumped out at me, especially when I read the reviews commenting on how the rug is nice and thick. The best part was I also got free shipping and the rug arrived in two days. The cat and I are very pleased!