It is finally spring here in NYC! So I’m in the process of putting away all my heavy leather bags and looking for something light and breezy for spring. My current bag obsession is also the simplest kind of bag…totes!

My current favorites above ¬†are pictured above. My WNYC tote was a gift from a recent NPR pledge. (Get your own WNYC tote here.) I’m a huge NPR nerd so I love walking around with this tote and showing off my nerd pride. (I’m not the only one!) This tote is super deep and wide so it is great to just throw anything into as you head out for a stroll around the city.

My Queens Maptote is another favorite since I love Queens and I want the world to know. I picked this up from my local boutique Stray Vintage & More. This bag really works in black canvas since it really makes the purple print pop. I was using this for a gym bag for a while but it was too small to comfortably fit my sneakers.

The last favorite tote is the best kind…FREE! I got it when attending an Astoria fashion show a year or so ago, that was organized by some local shops including my favorite krisTEES.