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As a teenage in the 90’s Doc Martens were the height of cool for me for years. In high school I was super jealous of all the cool grunge girls who stomped around in the black oxford version, but I had to make do with a cheap plastic imitation pair from Payless. In college I finally splurged on a brown pair that I proudly wore to every single party for all my four and a half years of college.

Since the 90’s ended my brown pair have sat in the back on a number of different closets gathering dust, but I patiently was waiting until the Doc would make a comeback. And time is now! (Well I think it actually started a few years ago, but I am a little late with trends!)

Docs look totally updated for today when worn with tucked in skinny jeans, instead of the long flares I used to wear them with that basically covered up the whole shoe. Pairing with cropped jacket and/or a flowy girly top also helps to de-combat boot-ify them look so no one mistakes you for an extra on My So Called Life. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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