Month: January 2010

Perfect black flats – Found!

Beautiful new flats….with guest appearance by my kitty’s foot

So I’ve been recently been trying to buy more classic shoes that will last forever. My goal was to have a go to pair of black boots, black heels and black flats that I could wear with any type of pants. Black flats are tricky though since they can easily be boring. I wanted a mix of classic with a twist. I had been looking at these cute Marc Jacobs flats which were on sale at DSW for $99 but of course were out of my size.

But then I found the Frye Emma Honeycomb Stud and I knew my search was over. Classic sturdy black ballet flats + punky studs and peep toe = perfect! I haven’t been able to wear them too much since I’ve been living in my shearing lined winter boots for months, but I can’t wait to pair these with skinny jeans and denim skirts for the spring.

New make up

1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF15

The first week I started using this I got carded FIVE TIMES! It is nice and lightweight and gives my skin a nice smooth dewy finish. It is great for the winter when my skin starts to dry out. Did I mention carded five times???

2. MAC Fix+

I first read about this on Lollipop26’s blog and I thought it would be a great product for winter. Extra moisture, dewy sheen, and it helps fix my make up on my face where it belongs. I can’t say I’ve mastered it yet. There is a fine line between dewy and greasy looking and sometimes I think this product puts me over the edge. But I’m determined to figure out what works for me.

3. Bobbie Brown Corrector & Creamy Concealer Kit

I’m on a quest to banish my under eye bags and dark circles. So far the combo of the pink corrector and the yellow concealer plus the powder to set seems to be doing the trick. This make up even passed the biggest test the first day I wore it…catching my reflection in the subway window.

Streetslight Bag from Anthro

I love pretty much anything with studs. If I could wear a wardrobe covered in studs from head to toe I probably would. So of course I did a double take for this Anthro studded leather bag. Of course I would prefer it in black with silver studs, but now I’m just being picky.

At $528 it is way out of my budget, so I think I’ll drag my studded Kooba bag out of the closet for a week or so and hope it helps me forget about the Streetslight bag.

Great Outfits: Giselle Bunchen

Nobody does sexy/casual like Giselle Bunchen. Plus she gets to have Tom Brady’s baby…some girls have all the luck! Giselle may be know for the runway but I like the shots of her everyday casual wear.  Cute top + killer pair of jeans + fab leather bag + boots (or chucks!) = perfect weekend style