The 99 Zip Wedge

083109_jeffreycampbellThe 99 Zip Wedge from Jeffrey Campbell is fabulous. I almost placed my order last night, but I ‘m afraid these might be too clunky on my tall frame. I think it would be perfect for the petite ladies out there!

(via Lucky Right Now)

12 thoughts on “The 99 Zip Wedge

  1. These are fab!!! They look like they might be comfy too because of the platform. Even if you’re tall you can still definitely rock them…I know someone who is 6’2″ and she loves heels!


  2. i agreed with u….it looks marvelous…i wonder if you can pair them with black leather skirt…knee length skirt would be nice….however it is quite universal for other types of skirts and shorts…great recommendation

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