Christian Siriano for Payless

I was going to write whole blog review about the Christian Siriano line for Payless…but then my favorite Fashion Herald went and did all the work for me..MWAAHAHAHA…so I’m going to be lazy and just link.

My takeaway for this line is that it is super fun & fierce and SUPER impractical, which I assume is exactly what Christian set out to do.   I already have a closet full of insane high heels that are beautiful but I never wear since I can’t walk more than one block in them, so why add to the pile?

Lots of shoes at the 34th Street & Broadway store. The will be showing up on Sept 8th for all the non-Manhattan folk.


Beautiful peep toe pumps with ankle straps


Ankle strap in full force


Beautiful attention to detail, especially for a Payless shoes. But where would I wear it?

I also checked out some of the other designer shoes and I am one again linking to Fashion Herald’s review. My verdict? I am waiting for the Dauphin to show up. Now there is an impractical shoe I would take a chance on!

11 thoughts on “Christian Siriano for Payless

  1. I’m so glad you showed the heels, I loved those too but they didn’t have my size! I don’t know, I’m kind of seriously thinking about the bootie. The Dauphin is gorgeous, I’ll keep my eyes open for it.

  2. Love Christian Siriano. It was my favorite on Project Runway. I have to say that I cannot wait for his collection to arrive at Payless. I wish him all of the success because, he is really talented. I also really like this blog. Keep it up

  3. THOSE are from payless? I would have never thought so! The last pair are hot… so hot. I guess you could wear them out to a party… though your feet would probably start hurting in LESS than hour. Then they’d become UNBEARABLY painful in less than 30 min. And then you’d just have to take them off. But hot, nonetheless.

  4. I found my new favorite designer – i love pretty much anything by Christian Siriano. These pumps are a must have for petite females like myself. Can never be too tall

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