Month: May 2009

..and the shopping gods smile on me

I had some major shopping scores this weekend.


I got this beautiful silver necklace (originally from Mexico) for $40 from Stray Vintage down the block from my apt.


I got this lovely Queens Maptote, also from Stray. For $20 I now have a new gym bag!


And my best purchase of the weekend: a beautiful credenza for my apt entry way for $150 (+$35 delivery fee). I love the spindly legs! I’ve been searching for something like this for two years. I almost gave up and ordered something from IKEA¬† last weekend, but it paid to wait. I got it at the Salvation Army in Astoria, Queens. I was just walking by and saw them putting it out and had to wait around for them to write out a price tag. Then I had to basically sneak the delivery guys into the building since they don’t allow furniture deliveries on weekends, but it was all worth it!


It also came with the bookshelf piece that sits onto the credenza. Not sure if I prefer it like this, but I’m going to keep it for a while and see if I need the extra bookshelf space.

Ripped jeans redux

Back in junior high I spent a lot of time ripping and bleaching my denim to get that perfect worn in pair of jeans inspired by all my favorite rock bands. Since then I thought my days of ripped jeans were over. That is until I saw the above picture of Solange Knowles in the Siwy Hannah Ankle Skinny Jeans. Since then I haven’t been able to get ripped jeans off my mind.

So I recently picked up a similar pair of Extreme Frayed Skinny Jeans from Forever 21. But the rips aren’t exactly like Solange’s so tonight I will yet again be spending my evening ripping up another pair of jeans. Maybe I will crank up the Guns N Roses for old time sake!

My Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Tote

A few months ago I hit the Foley + Corinna Sample Sale on the second to last day. I was interested in a Mid City Tote even though I knew it would be impractical for an every day bag. Much to my suprise my heart was won over by a green Jet Setter Tote! And as an added bonus, prices has been reduced since the sale was about to end.

The Jet Setter has been my every day tote now for several months and I love it. Although I haven’t had a chance to take it on an actual jet, It has been a fantastic commuting bag. Plenty of pockets for all my little things, but yet wide enough to fit a tupperware container of lunch.

I still haven’t give up on the Mid City tote though and plan to hit the next F+C sample sale…but this time on the very last day.