Up and running on WordPress!

Gratuitous photo of me, my favorite bag, and “Jonathan Papelbon”

Three cheers for WordPress!

After signing up for a free Typepad tour and playing around with it a bit I decided it wasn’t for me. It just seemed clunky and still had all the disadvantages of Movable Type that I was trying to move away from. And I had a feeling I would end up with the same spam issues I had with MT that had basically been discouraging me to write ANY blog posts at all!

So I checked out all my favorite and beautifully designed blogs (see list to the right) and saw that most were running WordPress. But I was way to fearful to switch since learning MT was such a hassle to begin with (remember that glossary with all the mark up tags?) there was no way I was going to learn another system.

But as it turned out today was a rainy day in NYC so I decided to set up a test blog and give WordPress a try. And wow! In the time it took me to sit on my couch with my laptop, watch a Red Sox game and drink a beer I had my new blog up and running even better than before and I was sold…

WordPress rocks!

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