Month: August 2008

Hello LoveAH!

Well it is that time again…time to find a new fall bag. I have to admit when I first started thinking about what kind of bag I wanted to get I pictured the beautiful leather bags by Kooba and Rebecca Mikoff. But I just can’t do anymore…I can’t carry around a heavy leather bag. Maybe it is fine if you live/work in the burbs and your main walk is from the car to the parking lot inside, but I have to stand on a crowded subway for 30min each morning and I need to be comfortable and carry a light weight bag.

The Kyle Tote caught my eyes a couple months ago when I was visiting the Fifth Ave store. Nylon and lightweight: check! Its also super big with some great pockets that would be perfect for carrying all my crap. Any what really makes this bag stand out from the crowd is the contrasting patent leather details and the nickle hardware. I also like the two different straps, which almost make it seem like two different bags.

I’m now checking the Cole Haan web site daily *hoping* for a sale…

Ideas for Fall #2: Red Scarf

Overall, I was impressed with the SATC movie. A few bits were a disappointment (the HORRIBLE makeover of Carrie’s apt…her original apt was so much better) but mostly I really enjoyed it.

This scene with the red scarf caught my eye and made me start thinking about knitting again so I can make a similar scarf of my own to stay toasty when the weather gets cold. Just Jared has a number of other photos of this scene and a few others in the movie.

I’ve been Googling up a storm but can’t find the scarf pattern online? Anyone know if this exits and where I can find it?

Ideas for Fall #1: Cute Skirt + Opaque tights + flat boots

Even though it was 84 and sunny today I am already starting to think about fall clothes. Just like every year I am vowing to not buy crap, but to invest in some quality pieces that are well thought out and I will want to wear for years. Last year I bought a beautiful pair of flat leather boots at the New York Look on Broadway on the Upper West Side. It was a spur of the moment purchase and I always felt a little guilty that I didn’t wear them enough last winter/spring. So I’ve been very excited to see some great ideas for wearing flat boots in the fall.

Piperlime has a video clip about the statement boot including this adorable bohemian look. I love the dress with the cardigan, and I already own a similar hat.

Fantastic cozy fall look from the Gap. I love this simple plaid skirt, because as a high schooler/college student of the 1990s I will always love anything with plaid. My flat boots would be perfect with this outfit.

And this beautiful look from Wikstenmade, makes me want to take out my fall boots right now! (And a shout out to Wikstenmade for the lovely feature in this month’s Domino…congrats!!!)

Vintage find at Stray

The other day when strolling around my lovely neighborhood I decided to check out our local vintage store: Stray Vintage & More.

I ended up spotting this lovely little black arm bag that I thought looked a little Marc Jacobs-esque. The inside is lined with black velvet and the size is just perfect. I love how it expands as I fill it with all my goodies and looks great with either a pair of jeans or a little black dress.

If you are every in Sunnyside make sure you stop by Stray!

Up and running on WordPress!

Gratuitous photo of me, my favorite bag, and “Jonathan Papelbon”

Three cheers for WordPress!

After signing up for a free Typepad tour and playing around with it a bit I decided it wasn’t for me. It just seemed clunky and still had all the disadvantages of Movable Type that I was trying to move away from. And I had a feeling I would end up with the same spam issues I had with MT that had basically been discouraging me to write ANY blog posts at all!

So I checked out all my favorite and beautifully designed blogs (see list to the right) and saw that most were running WordPress. But I was way to fearful to switch since learning MT was such a hassle to begin with (remember that glossary with all the mark up tags?) there was no way I was going to learn another system.

But as it turned out today was a rainy day in NYC so I decided to set up a test blog and give WordPress a try. And wow! In the time it took me to sit on my couch with my laptop, watch a Red Sox game and drink a beer I had my new blog up and running even better than before and I was sold…

WordPress rocks!

My black patent bag

I have been remiss in not blogging one of the best bags to have crossed my path in quite some time. In fact, I am so happy with it that I have been using it as my primary bag since March. A new record! The bag was a birthday present from a very good friend, who has impeccable taste and owns the same bag a rich blue and a creamy off white.

The bag is by Liz Claiborne, a brand that I really haven’t paid much attention to since I was old enough to go shopping without my mom, but I think that is now going to change. The patent material is great, it looks just a new as it did on my birthday and I can just wipe it down with a sponge if it needs any cleaning. The straps are nice and long and comfortable to tote around. But the best details is the nickle hardware and ruching on the bottom corners. These great details really take this bag from something that might have been a boring black tote into something that seamless merges style and funtions.

Time to give Liz Claiborne a new look!