Month: April 2008

Gap Design Editions



This morning I headed into work early to mail my taxes at the Rockefeller Center post office, only to find out at 8:55 there was a line of about 50 people and they were not opening early to let everyone in. Instead of sticking around, I decided to just mail my taxes at lunch and spend the next 5 min running across the street to the Gap at 48th and 6th to check out the Gap Design Edition white shirts.

I should probably point out first that I am NOT a white shirt person. Too wrinkly, to stiff, and too likely to have something spilled on them. I generally live in C&C type shirt that are strechy, colorful and fitted. But I was curious to see the Gap shirts in person. I passed with the last set because they did not seem very practical, but this time there were some interesting designs.

The Gap was pretty empty at 9am, and I only spotted one other girl grabbing at the white shirts, and there were actually S and XS shirts available. I snapped up the one I liked the most online, the Bell sleeve shirt by Phillip Lim and another that looked even better in person, the Western Shirt by Michael Bastian.

I loved the Phillip Lim shirt. The bell sleeves, ruching by the back of the neck, and the covered buttons were such pretty details that turned it into a sweet and pretty top. The Michael Bastian was a little too billowy for me, and budget-wise I was limited to one shirt.

Lucky for me I discovered a 15% off coupon on my way up to the register that slightly allowed me to justify my now one and only Phillip Lim item in my wardrobe!

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A Tribute to Marimekko at H&M





I love anything Marimekko and I love H&M…so I was quite excited when I first heard they would be doing a collaboration. I had this day noted in my daily planner for months and ran over to the 50th & 5th H&M as soon as the clock in my cubicle hit 12:00pm. And I am quite happy to say the collection does not disappoint.

First off, although the store was slightly more crowded than normal I was still able to peacefully browse and there were plenty of small sizes left. I ended up buying the full skirt in the orange/green print and I plan to wear it to a friend’s wedding with black peep toe pumps, a black tank top…and a spray tan! I also purchased the flowy black and white blouse that I wore today and I love, love, love it! It looked great with my skinny jeans from Uniqlo and red ballet flats. I stopped by another H&M today on 5th by Union Square but ended up just getting a non-Marimekko pair of jeans. I wil probably try to swing by another flagship later next week. I’m still interested in a large scarf, the funky body suit thing, and I was swooning over the bulky travel bag but wasn’t sure if I wanted to drop $69 on it.

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