San Francisco is where it’s AT

At the beginning of July I took a fantastic trip to San Francisco/Los Angeles to visit my sister. My first day in SF she suggested I take a walk over to Hayes Valley to check out all the cool stores that have cropped up. This was a pretty little neighborhood to stroll around, and while I didn’t end up buying anything (probably for the best), I did enjoy poking around some fun and unique little shops.

My favorite store in Hayes Valley was Dish. I could have happily strolled around this well-edited store for hours. They had my dream Mike & Chris hoodie leather jacket which I didn’t even allow myself to try on for fear that I would do something crazy.

Flight 001 was a cool, airplane themed compliment to the online site that I visit often.

Honey Ryder is where I would shop if I was living in SF and got invited to a fabulous party and needed a hot new outfit.

Ver Univa (sorry no pic) was a lovely little vintage store. They were having a big sale when I was there and I almost bought a leather jacket. I talked myself out of it though since I had a feeling it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase home.

Sadly my sister and her boyfriend informed my that Don’t Call It Frisco
has closed. Had it still been opened it would have received my Best Named Laundromat EVER Award. And here I was thinking I had something with the House of Sudz.

3 thoughts on “San Francisco is where it’s AT

  1. San Francisco is a great place for fashion! You know Joey Tierney (celeb stylist and fashion designer) is coming to town this weekend!!! She is having a fashion seminar at the Clift Hotel! Check out for more information at!!!!

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve been to San Francisco, but I do remember LOVING the funky stuff I found while wandering all over. I live in Los Angeles now, and have had to reasses my “wanderings”. My new favourite is Horn Fashion, They have some FANTASTIC leather stuff, as well as some very nice bags. I just picked up a bag yesterday, actually.

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