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I’ve got the lovely Rainy Day Woman (seen on on my brain. So pretty, and such a cute kicky weather appropriate outfit. It has alson gotten my looking into Anna Corinna bags, so yummy. (Big SALE at ShopBop by the way, worth a look, esp the shoes.)

I keep telling people: The Gap is back! Now when will people start listening? I’ve already purchased these Pin striped wide leg pants and this fun black patent leather belt for Fall 2007.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Fall looks have been posted. Start researching when you want to buy for real, and what you want to wait on until all the mass marketed store knock it off. Some of these outfits look a bit too bare for fall in NYC, but I guess I could just throw on some wooly tights.

4 thoughts on “Seen Around The Web

  1. Ooh hoo – LOVE the patent belt. I do seem to have a lot of black accessories for this coming season. I got so excited covering the shows in Feb that I started stockpiling!

  2. I’m really liking this belt but I guess I can’t believe the Gap is back. It has been a few years since I’ve wanted to buy anything from there. Kind of like JCrew, when they let their daughter take over the company.

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