Month: August 2007

Fall Coveting Part 1: Somerset vertical tote


I’m starting to research my fall shopping, and of course this includes bags. I am hoping to get more milage out of my beautiful Kooba bag, but I must admit I have a wandering eye when it comes to this sort of thing. And of late, my eye has landed on the Somerset vertical tote from Banana Republic.

I like that this bag looks very briefcase-ey, and although my interviews are few and far between this would be a good professional bag to be seen with and would hold all sorts of papers and folders etc. I think I’m also starting to tired of the slouchy hobo bag shape, and this one is boxy and structured.

I would wear this bag with a suit and heels, but i think it would also look great with some ripped jeans and a tank top.

San Francisco is where it’s AT

At the beginning of July I took a fantastic trip to San Francisco/Los Angeles to visit my sister. My first day in SF she suggested I take a walk over to Hayes Valley to check out all the cool stores that have cropped up. This was a pretty little neighborhood to stroll around, and while I didn’t end up buying anything (probably for the best), I did enjoy poking around some fun and unique little shops.

My favorite store in Hayes Valley was Dish. I could have happily strolled around this well-edited store for hours. They had my dream Mike & Chris hoodie leather jacket which I didn’t even allow myself to try on for fear that I would do something crazy.

Flight 001 was a cool, airplane themed compliment to the online site that I visit often.

Honey Ryder is where I would shop if I was living in SF and got invited to a fabulous party and needed a hot new outfit.

Ver Univa (sorry no pic) was a lovely little vintage store. They were having a big sale when I was there and I almost bought a leather jacket. I talked myself out of it though since I had a feeling it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase home.

Sadly my sister and her boyfriend informed my that Don’t Call It Frisco
has closed. Had it still been opened it would have received my Best Named Laundromat EVER Award. And here I was thinking I had something with the House of Sudz.

Seen Around The Web


I’ve got the lovely Rainy Day Woman (seen on on my brain. So pretty, and such a cute kicky weather appropriate outfit. It has alson gotten my looking into Anna Corinna bags, so yummy. (Big SALE at ShopBop by the way, worth a look, esp the shoes.)

I keep telling people: The Gap is back! Now when will people start listening? I’ve already purchased these Pin striped wide leg pants and this fun black patent leather belt for Fall 2007.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Fall looks have been posted. Start researching when you want to buy for real, and what you want to wait on until all the mass marketed store knock it off. Some of these outfits look a bit too bare for fall in NYC, but I guess I could just throw on some wooly tights.


Cool old bags spotted at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.
Re: Comments

So somehow last week I screwed up my comments and possibly you noticed that it was impossible to comment at all. So in an effort to fix this today I upgraded to MT 3.35 and enabled TypeKey authentication in an effort to cut down on spam. Feel free to post a comment here or there to test out my new system!

Also, anyone know of a good layman’s guide to setting up “Scheduled Posts” for MT? I really would like to post to the future but need a guide that explains scary words like “cron” or “shell access”. I almost had this working last year, with the help of the program Terminal and many IMs with my brother, but I never got it exactly right.