Month: June 2007

Hooray for Wide leg jeans!

So I’m supposed to be enjoying a relaxing California vacation right now, but JetBlue cancelled my flight for no reason and can’t rebook me until Saturday morning. So I look to the new style in denim to cheer me up.


Is anyone else besides me thrilled to see wide leg pants coming back? I was never able to successfully master the skinny jeans, and not for lack of trying. Even though I am tall and have a thin frame (ie skinny) the actually skinny jeans always looked dreadful on me. They managed to make my butt look huge and out of proportion giving me the dreaded “carrot” shape. Wide leg, flare, or bell bottom jeans always look much better on my frame, for whatever reason.

WhoWhatWear Daily, one of my favorite reads, has a great article about the wide legs, including my most recent denim purchase Seven’s Ginger jeans, which might be the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever worn. And a dark enough denim that I can wear them to work. I’m not the only fan it looks like since the article calls them a “celeb favorite”!

The only tricky part about the wide legs is that finding just the right pair of shoes can be tricky. I’ve had some luck with my Frye chunky sandals but when I want to wear a more relaxed outfit with flat shoes the jean are to long and I just can’t let them drag on the ground. So as much as I love my Ginger jeans I haven’t gotten too much use out of them.

Today my plan is to do all the things I WOULD have done had I landed in San Fran last night. I started with a relaxing breakfast at the local diner while reading the newspaper. I’m now going to head out for a mani/pedi and some shopping. My attire will be my Ginger jeans and some cork wedges. We will see how that shoe/jeans combination works out.

If I ever do make it out to San Fran expect a shopping review of Jeremy’s!


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Also, on a happier note, TBB got a great write up recently at the Chicago Sun-Times for Fashion’s best blogs. Check out our mention and all the other great must read blogs.

JCrew Straw Tote for the summer

061707_straw.jpg So as much as I love, love my Kooba bag from the past winter’s sample sale, recently as the temperature here in NYC has begun to creep up I started thinking about a good summer bag. I needed something lightweight and that felt a little beachy.

For a week or so I tried to get away with the Kooba bag by tying a palm leaf print Gucci scarf ($20 at Filene’s Basement) around on strap, an idea I read once at Closet Therapy. But the scarf slipped around and I was afraid it would fall off so I was back to square one.

One day while walking by the JCrew at Rockefeller Center I spied the large straw tote in the window. It was just what I was looking for: great big size but still lightweight, striped nautical lining, and nice long leather straps that would make it easy to swing over my shoulder. But at the time the bag was full price and I just couldn’t justify the cost. Then, as luck would have it, a few weeks later I noticed the bag on sale online. I printed out the online page, and even though the bag was still marked full price in the store the salesperson honored the sale price and I walked out with a smile.

The bag has been perfect for summer and it is a great size to carry all my crap around the city. I can fit everything I need easil without cramming everything in or without my stuff poking out the top. It also comes in a medium size. My only complaint (if this is one) is that the bag is so wide i have to hold it the long way on my lap in the subway or it takes up space on the seats to the left and right of me.

Of course, now I also have my eye on the Small patchwork madras Amagansett tote