I always look forward to receiving my WhoeWhatWear emails every weekday morning, especally when they are profiling handbags.

I have to admit, after seeing it around so much, I’m starting to get interested in the “I’m not a plastic bag” by Anya Hindmarch. I have a kitchen cabinet full of plastic bags I have toted home from stores (WHY must they double bag everything?) and would love a reusable, fabric alternative. Especially one that is also used by supermodels.

It will be interesting to see if the bag takes off in the US as much as it has everywhere else. I’m keeping an eye out.

More info from The Bag Snob.

Update: I just read via Fashionista that this bag will also be sold at Whole Foods starting June 20th.

7 comments on ““I’m not a plastic bag””

  1. I think this is a great bag. One of the girls in our office has one. It’s lovely, practical, and the eco-friendly aspect is brilliant. Thinking of getting one myself… (or is it bad form to arrive into work with the same bag as your collegue?)


  2. I really, really like the Whole Foods green cloth bags; the handles are great, it’s a perfect rectangle, holds SO MUCH yet is always easy to carry (even when full or heavy). They’re not stylish and I haven’t toted them around (from the store to the trunk to the house) but I adore them just the same.

    However, I’ll be going carless soon and this bag looks like it’d be a little more interesting for a 20block grocery walk! Curious to see them in person!

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