Sometimes you luck out shopping, sometimes you don’t. Here’s how I lucked out at a recent sample sale.

If you’ve been reading this blog you know how much I love the Ada bag by Kooba. I would visit it at fancy department stores and be sad that I could never afford such beauty.

I had gotten a number of emails from Clothing Line sample sales since moving to NYC, but had not been able to attend any. But when I saw the name KOOBA pop up in my inbox last month I knew I had to check it out.

021507_kooba03.jpg So the first day the sale opened I ran down during lunch. It was a bit of an odd experience since I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had to go up to the second floor on some creeky stairs in a building with no name on the front and walk on to this very industrial floor. I thought I had taken a wrong turn or the email was a scam. Then I turned a corner…and saw racks of clothes (and Kooba bags!) and about a hundred women in a flurry of shopping! Everyone was gravitating towards the Kooba bags, or was on their cell phone telling their friends to hurry down.

021507_kooba04.jpg I was amazed when I ran back to where the Kooba bags were to not only see the beautiful Ada in black but for LESS then what I had decided my deal breaker price was. I was temporarily distracted by the Ginger bag in a beautiful chocolate brown, but eventually I decided my heart was with Ada.

021507_kooba02.jpg All in all this is a great bag, and I am so happy we will be together for years to come. Plus, it makes it even better that I got it at a huge discount and discovered the wonder of sample sales. My only critique about the bag is that it is pretty heavy, and once it is loaded up with all my crap I do end up with a sore shoulder when I am walking around a lot. I love how it looks tough on the outside with black leather and rivets all over it, but the insides is a beautiful pink/mauve ultra suede. It is a great contrast, and I like having a bag that I can tell some thought went into the details.

Stay tuned for Sample Sales Part II: Lauren Merkin!