Month: September 2006

I Need a New Small Bag

092006_oldbag.jpg So while I am still hanging tough with my big commuting bag I am in desperate need for a replacement for my small “running errands” bag. I’ve had this Old Navy Braided-Cinch purse in khaki green for almost two years now and it has served me well. The perfect size to throw in my cell, wallet, camera and keys it was just the right weight to carry when running to the grocery store or going for a walk in the park. But recently it had gotten pretty tired looking and the braided handle is starting to look a little worn. So I’m shopping for a new small bag, something in a lightweight fabric with a lightweight price.

The leader of the pack so far is the Natural hobo from the Gap. Looks good and small, but full o pockets and with a nice contrast lining. I haven’t been able to see this bag in person yet because it hasn’t shown up at any NYC Gaps yet, and the Gap customer service is not help at all. (If you see this bag at a NYC-area Gap let me know: thebagblog at!)

Banana Re has a nice plaid/suede bag that is worth an in person look. But besides that I am out of ideas.

Let me know if you have a great suggestion for the perfect small bag for me.

Housekeeping: Links

I’ve done some updating to my links page by removing some old sites and putting up my new favorites.

Here are some great new bag/fashion blogs that have caught my attention recently:

  • Fashion is Spinach: It is not an exaggeration when I say that I love everything about this blog. Ms. Spinach has a knack for finding the cute/beautiful/unique needle in the haystack of junk on the internet. Here are some wonderful examples: beautiful photos of a San Francisco apartment, Old navy long hoodies that I am now obsessed with and spent a good two hours on the phone the other day calling every Old Navy in the NYC area until I found one in New Jersey that would ship me the brown version in a size small, antique keys for necklaces–cool!, and elbow length mittens.
  • Beantown Fashion: Even though I left Boston for the brighter lights of NYC, I still like to stay updated on what is going on in my former home. This including reading to stay updated on the news (Go Deval!) and Beantown Fashion to stay updated on what fashionable Bostonians are wearing
  • Fashion Binge: I was drawn in by the review of Fall bags, but I was hooked when I read about Shopgirl and ran right out and got a copy of the movie which I have since fallen in love with and watched four times in one weekend and just finished the book. Sigh.

    What are your favorite bag/fashion blogs? Bonus points for NYC-area blogs. Leave a note in the comments.