Ever since I moved in with my new roommate Jaime I’ve been eyeing her navy blue Gap clutch from a few years ago. As clutches go it is pretty basic, but the key is the the print of multi colored mustang horses frolicking across the bag. Its the perfect sized cluth to grab before running out the door on the way to a local bar.

So of course I wanted my own clutch, but I had missed my chance when the bag was in season. I remember seeing them in the store, but at the time all they had left was a teal blue color not the navy blue. So last week I did a search on Ebay and there it was, the exact clutch I had been hoping to find. A few days later it was in my hand and ready to take a spin the next time I go out.

Yay for Ebay! Has Ebay helped you find an out of season/hard to find bag?

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  1. I wanted a brown tote from Old Navy but by the time I decided to actually go out and buy it they didnt have any left in stock. I looked everyday on ebay for a couple of weeks and finally it showed up! Very exciting 🙂

  2. Nice deal! Gap bags have always been a long time favorite of mine. They are stylish, inexpensive and last a long time. I still have a brown nylon messenger bag from 10 years ago that I still wear – a bit beat up now, but it has character.

  3. I love that bag! I just did a blog on what makes the perfect outfit and let me tell you…that fits the bill. It is gorgeous, classy yet casual, and an absolute must have! I am definitely going to write this site up on my site!

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  4. one of the favorites in my collection is a Gap clutch scored off the discount table a few years ago. Some people have actually asked whether it was my grandmothers – love it.

  5. Ah, I got this clutch on sale for about two bucks…nobody wanted it back then now everybody craves it!

    eBay is a major save..I’ve gotten a Ralph Lauren clutch I missed at the store and two Coach bags (since I usually buy old seasons).

  6. hello, just a random reader that adores your blogs!
    and that is an absolutely gorrgeous clutch. do tell if you ever decide to re-sell.

  7. TOO FUNNY I have that bag! I bought it several seasons ago on the GAP clearance rack for $5!! No kidding! I thought the horsies were super cute/retro/vintage. I still carry it every now and again, though it is much worn around the edges now 🙁

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