Month: June 2006

Gap Silk Blend Mustang Clutch


Ever since I moved in with my new roommate Jaime I’ve been eyeing her navy blue Gap clutch from a few years ago. As clutches go it is pretty basic, but the key is the the print of multi colored mustang horses frolicking across the bag. Its the perfect sized cluth to grab before running out the door on the way to a local bar.

So of course I wanted my own clutch, but I had missed my chance when the bag was in season. I remember seeing them in the store, but at the time all they had left was a teal blue color not the navy blue. So last week I did a search on Ebay and there it was, the exact clutch I had been hoping to find. A few days later it was in my hand and ready to take a spin the next time I go out.

Yay for Ebay! Has Ebay helped you find an out of season/hard to find bag?

So why so quiet?


Things around here at TBB have been a little quiet recently. Why? Because TBB World Headquarters have relocated to New York City! That’s right. I waved good bye to Boston last week, packed up all my precious bags into a Budget truck and drove over the Triborough Bridge into Queens.

So while I’m unpacking and looking for a full time job I need a little help from you. Where are the best places to shop for bags in the NYC area? Who are the best new up and coming local bag designers? I’m especially interested in anything off the beaten path or local to Queens since I must support my new borough. Or Brooklyn since I hear there are many cool boutiques. What are some good NYC-based fashion/shopping blogs? Keep the suggestions coming!

Back to unpacking…

My new bag


At long last I finally purchased my new bag and 30th birthday present to myself. After much searching I decided to go with the Secret Love large tote in mahogany from Francesco Biasia.

So far after using the bag for a couple weeks I am glad I made this purchase. The bag isn’t perfect but its a great everyday commuting bag that’s cool to look at and stands out in the sea of average bags.

First off the good stuff. The bag does fit my tupperware container of lunch that I carry with me everyday. I’m going to look into some taller, skinner tupperware for a better fit but overall I can bring my lunch to work without having to cram it in. The two main pockets are useful to keep stuff separate but everything is still roomy. It has the standard zip pocket and cell pockets as well as two flap pockets on each side. I also like the silver clip in the front that holds the main flap and the pull tie. I addition, I started using this bag when we were having major daily down pours in Boston and the leather withstood the rain and dried out just fine.

What could be improved: The lining of the bag. Its a dull off white with the Francesco Biasia logo. A bag with this rich brown color is screaming for an equally rich contrasting lining. I have no idea why they went with something so boring. Also, I love the braided handles but they tend to pinch my shoulders if they twist up at all.

So overall although there are a few design flaws I enjoy carrying this bag with me everyday. I’ve only seen one other person on the street besides me carry this bag so it is nice to be unique.

Cole Haan Large drawstring


I still can’t get white bags off my mind especially now that the weather is heating up. This large drawstring bag from Cole Haan is beautiful to look at. I like the nifty little details like the studded hardware, square rivets and steel blue lining. My second favorite color is the terracotta, but the white really stands out.