I might as well just take out a giant loan and buy one of each bag at Kooba so I can stop obsessing.

The latest is the lovely Ada which won me over with its simple design and studded ornaments. This bag could be worn to dress up some jeans or with a more formal pant suit to make the outfit more slouchy and casual.

The key to this bag really is in the studs. I think without them the bag still would be very nice, but would be a bit boring and unpredictable. But once the studs are on, this bag stands out in a crowd.

This bag would also make a good commuting bag thanks to it large size and depth. The two side pockets would hold your Metro cards and some lip gloss. Could this be the perfect bag? Quite possible!

6 comments on “Kooba Ada”

  1. The Kooba ADA is a stunning bag, sturdy, stylish and worth every penny of its expensive price-tag.

  2. I totally adore this bag! I have had my eyes on this bag for some time now. Just saving up my earnings. I still love my Claudia bag, but I think it is time she befriends Ada! lol.

  3. So I finally just purchased the Kooba ADA! I am so loving it. Not only is it trendy and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it is sturdy, practical, and extremely functional. A classic for sure! Definitely worth the money…

  4. I have to tell everyone that I have lost out on many an Ebay bid for this bag. I’ve wanted this bag for so long…and, this past month, I finally got my wish. I outbid someone by $2.00 on Ebay in the last 3 seconds. I thought that my bid failed, but it went through! So, I ended up getting it for $122.00 American. It was shipped from London, new with tags and I have had it authenticated. Am I really lucky or what? I’ve never had such good luck.

  5. This is a compliment commanding bag!,Ada in black.I had it on a wish list forever and hit it lucky with saks, reduced to 270.00.It is destined to be a timeless stunner!!.

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