Month: May 2006

Denise Richards bag


I have an idea in my head that I’d like to write more about celebrity bags since they really do set the trends for these rest of us, whether we like it or not. Plus I just find celebrity bags really interesting. (I’d really like to know what they carry IN their bags, but I’d probably get arrested if I tried to find out.)

Here’s a shot of Denise Richards out shopping with what looks like an older Coach bag and some True Religion jeans.

Am I right about the Coach bag? The design looks very Coach-ey but I don’t remember a bag trimmed with rabbit (?) fur. Coach or no, I assume she is shopping in LA and this is a recent picture, so the whole fur thing seems a little out of season. But I like the bag anyway, since it is a beautiful shade of blue leather and has great front pockets.

LapSack totes


Speaking of perfect the LapSack tote bills itself as “the perfect tote.” I’ll let you decide if this is true or not, but there are some things in their favor. I like the “Africa” tote the best because of the cool zebra print with wine leather trim. The laptop compartment is padded and there are other pockets for your phone, PDA, etc.

My only concern is that whenever I carry my laptop I need a shoulder bag since it is so heavy. But maybe those of you with lighter laptops can get away with the shorter straps. And lets face it the shorter straps look much nicer anyway.

Kooba Ada

I might as well just take out a giant loan and buy one of each bag at Kooba so I can stop obsessing.

The latest is the lovely Ada which won me over with its simple design and studded ornaments. This bag could be worn to dress up some jeans or with a more formal pant suit to make the outfit more slouchy and casual.

The key to this bag really is in the studs. I think without them the bag still would be very nice, but would be a bit boring and unpredictable. But once the studs are on, this bag stands out in a crowd.

This bag would also make a good commuting bag thanks to it large size and depth. The two side pockets would hold your Metro cards and some lip gloss. Could this be the perfect bag? Quite possible!