My new bag obsession is the Mia bag by Kooba. It has some of my favorite details in a bag: outside pockets, nice long straps, inside pockets and of course the lovely studs. I also like that it look vaguely 70’s and I can sort of remember my mom having a similar bag when I was little. (Note: My mom just walked by me and noticed the Mia bag on my computer screen, and pointed out that the metal studs might wear off easily–something to think about.)

I think a retro bag like this would be a good long term bag for me, because with more trendy bags I tend to easily tire of the design. Plus from the large size it looks like it would make a great everyday bag for commuting to and from work. By that I mean it would fit my large lunch tupperware container.

I’m going to have to swing by the local Neiman Marcus to check out this bag in person. I’ve made a vow to never buy bags online without having seen them in person first AND making sure the new bags fits all the items currently in my bag. I had to many disappointments where I had to return an online bag because it wasn’t exactly what I pictured.

Is the Kooba bag the new front runner instead of the LV Speedy? Stay tuned.

6 comments on “Kooba Mia Bag”

  1. Kooba does make quality bags, but I agree with you, I do have to see purses in person before I purchase them. It’s always good to try it out first…

  2. It’s gorgous, I’m drooling! I think the speedy is a true classic, though, this is a little more “of the moment”, perhaps?

  3. Ooh la love.

    Understated, yet bold.

    Essentially modern, but classic.

    Finely crafted, casually.

    Overblown, extra large in size –

    This handbag is also shaped like my ego.

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