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  1. I encourage you. I bought myself the LV Speedy this past fall as a gift, and it’s so much better in person. I’ll tell you this, though – I wish I had gotten the medium sized one. They have 3 or 4 different sizes, and the one I got is truly a little big for an every-day bag. Definitely go and check them out in person.

  2. Re: the LV purse. Well, I bought a used Monogram Denim Neo Speedy and I think it’s fairly nice so far! I enjoy the roominess of the bag, although it’s a bit overemcumbering on the table, and difficult to hang over a chair (and I’m weary about putting it on the floor), so that’s just something to keep in mind with that style.

    Good luck with that.

  3. Ah, yes, the timeless classic! You deserve to splurge on yourself – I say go, girl!
    You’ll never go wrong with a Louis Vuitton…and they’ll always be in style 🙂

  4. I bought the LV Speedy30 last summer. Still very happy with my purchased. The monogram series are design to be very durable and are water resistance. So it’s good as an everyday bag. My baby has tested it by scratching it with his toy!

    Only thing is the leather parts (very light beige when new) gets darker when contact with water or sweat from our hands causing uneven patches.

    A tip: To prevent uneven patches, wipe over the whole leather piece including affected area with a moist cloth and let it air dry. It’ll get slightly darker shade but at least there’s not unslightly patches!

  5. Hi everyone,

    It is my first reading this blog and congratulations, it’s very nice.
    Let me tell you that this LV Speedy bag is one of my favourite in this luxury industry.
    Maybe it won’t keep it’s original shape with the time, you just have to avoid filling it too much.

  6. You should definately get it! I just bought a Speedy 25 this year for my birthday as well, and I have loved it every single day. It’s such a good investment and you know it will never ever run out of season. Try which size is better for you. I thought the 30 was a little too large. My 25 fits my wallet, two planners, checkbook, phone, camera, keys, makeup pouch. Perfect!

    However, I would not recommend wiping it down with a moist cloth like previously commented. The leather is so high quality and it is much safer to let it oxidize naturally into that beautiful patina (honey color). But it can stain easily. So keep it out of the rain and don’t touch it after eating oily fries! Let us know if you get it!

  7. Just dropping in to say hi…it’s my first time here and I like what I see! I’m obsessed with bags and with fashion in general.

    Hey, if anybody’s interested, you should check out http://www.fashionways.com. It’s a really cool fashion site and there’s a bunch of really cool videos from Fashion Week LA this year.

    Keep up the good work!


  8. Go for it!!! You will never regret it. I purchased my med. speedy 12 years ago and still carry it. I also purchased the Large speedy about 4 years ago when my aunt took me to Italy. I carry both, just depending on how much I stuff I want to carry. You will never regret it. It is so worth the investment. Divide 12 years into the cost of the bag, you can’t go wrong. Good Luck.

  9. I wiped down the leather trim on my Alma with a leather conditioner right after I bought it. That has prevented any staining or uneven discoloration – even on the handles. However, I like the patina that the leather develops over time.

  10. you should just go to canal street in new york city and buy a knockoff for $20. if you have the money to spend then go for it, but the LV for the broke college kids like myself is the LV thats fallen off the back of a truck.

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