Just when I think there is nothing new under the sun over at the ol’ Gap I see this Gap Corduroy chain bag winking at me from gap.com.

I haven’t seen this bag in person yet so who know, but the gumdrop green on the web site looks fantastic. Love, love the chain handle and the studs, as well as the double zipper. Will let you know my in person impression if any of my local Gaps are carrying this pretty little number.

7 comments on “Hello Pretty Little Thing”

  1. I’m glad to have found your blog 🙂 I’m quite the purse-aholic myself… There are a few Gaps in San Diego where I live, so I’ll let you know if I see it!

    ~Maria Palma
    The Runway Scoop
    Beauty is Within

  2. Gap has been disappointing as of late, and unfortunately, this bag is no exception. Looks cute, very cute. But you can tell it won’t last long. Than again, seeing it in person may be different but Ive had my share of bad luck with cords.

  3. Seeing a cool bag by Gap is like seeing Anna Wintour in fake fur, only this gives me a little happiness.

    The other incident would cause me to cry into my soy latte.

    Thanks for sharing, doll.


  4. Hi!! I love bags and I love checking out this blog from time to time. I keep track of most of my buys, too =)

    I was just curious to know: How many bags do you own?

    and many thanks for keeping us posted on the cutest and newest bags!

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