Month: November 2005

Remixed Tano Bag

Remember that beautiful mystery bag I spotted months ago? We were able to find out it was made by Tano and it was just beautiful. I hesitated buying it and still haven’t decided if that was a mistake or no.

Well I spotted on Frosting Fashions a new version of this bag, Remix, that is even better then the original. Described as a “Mega-tote” this version is in ginger and bronze colored leather with a purple interior.

Am I being given a second chance with this bag? Is it a sign?

Don’t miss the Tano web site for photos of all their beautiful fall bags.

New LeSportsac bags


I continue to be impressed by everything being churrned out by the folks over at LeSportsac. I have long been a fan of this company, but everytime I thinkt here is nothing new that can be done with rip stop nylon I find myself happy to be wrong.

The latest is the Winter Remix Collection featuring an amazing electric blue peacock fabric with metallic touches. I especially love the Goa clutch, the Large Studio handbag, and the Drum & Bass tote.

The amazing colors of these bags would be perfect to liven up my typical winter outfit which basically consists of black boots and a long black coat which I then wear for nine months straight. The blue of the bag would really cheer me up during the long dark winter months.

Knock off bags found in Revere


I’m late posting this, but here is an article that was in the Globe recently about some local arrests made when the police discovered a huge storage space in Revere full of 46,000 knock off bags. I guess this surprised me because unlike Canal Street in NY there really isn’t any place (that I know of) to purchase fake bags on the street in the Boston area. I guess in New England they are more likely to be sold at “purse parties” then out on the street in the open.

I have to admit I am starting to feel a little guilty about my love for fake bags. There is no denying that it is supporting crime, and putting money into the pockets of people who are basically criminals. I guess it is sort of along the lines of downloading copyrighted music for free: not the worst crime in the world, and so easy and tempting, but at the end of the day I’m much happier with myself if I buy the music legally.

Another thing that is making look at fake vs real bags a little differently is that I am thinking of buying myself a REAL Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag as a 30th (ouch!) birthday present for myself this spring. I had the idea of this bag in my head, and when Pamela sent me her Guest Bag Blog entry about this same bag it only helped to encourage me. I think for a big birthday like your 30th you are allowed, in fact expected, to give yourself some sort of luxurious treat. Plus I am going to start saving for it now so I can pay for the whole thing when I get it instead of putting it on an evil credit card which would make me feel guilty.

Wow, could it be possible, thanks to this bag, to actually be looking forward to the big THREE-OH??

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Guest Bag Blogger: Cindy of Conversations with Famous Writers


I would like to introduce you to the turquoise studded bag I bought last year at Kohl’s. I was probably headed into the store for something entirely different like a birthday present for a friend or a new pair of underpants when my eye fell onto this charming purse at the bottom of a sale rack, sitting alone like a sad puppy. It was 30% off and with an extra 10% off for using my Kohl’s card, it would only be $12. This girl cannot pass up a bargain! I decided to buy it even though it was completely impulsive and I did not need yet another purse. I tossed it into my cart and forgot why I came to the store in the first place. A shirt and a pair of shoes later, I headed home with my goodies.

I really wanted one of those huge bags like the Olsen sisters carry around. But this bag offered to glam up any outfit and it easily accommodated several receipts from Target, my makeup bag along with a bulging wallet (bulging with change) my keys and a few pens and random gum wrappers and of course, the oversized sunglasses.

Even when I’m a non-trendy slob in simple jeans and a tee shirt with flip-flops, the bag dresses me up and lets people know that I’m not a complete slacker. The bag says, “This person is hip! She is trendy! The color matches her eyes!”

I lust after the Birkin bags and drool over the Balenciagas, but am quite happy with my no name Kohl’s bag with the faux leather and rhinestones instead of Swarovski crystals and imported Italian leather . My Kate Spade is gathering dust because I’m too afraid to use it- what if I get it dirty? What if I lose it? With the turquoise bag on my arm, I have no worries in the world.

Cindy is a writer who works on Conversations with Famous Writers and Conversations about Famous People. She lives in southern California.

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