Month: May 2005

Bags @ Doe

Our friends at Doe on Haight Street in San Francisco were kind enough to send us a “Retail Report” to update The Bag Blog on what bags are flying off the shelves:


The white mesh bag is Whiting and Davis. This brand has been around since the 1800s. Doe sells tons of their wallets and coin purses.

The pale metallic gold bag with green inserts is from a local company called “Dutchy.” Doe also sells this
bag in white.

The Mona Milkface tulip bag is made by a woman who lives in my neighborhood. I have wanted this
bag for _years_. She also has a satin shooting star bag with tassels and a fake-fur lucky rabbit foot

The bronze clutch is from Plunket and Pivet. Doe also has a few of their slouchy metallic shoulder
bags, and will be getting some coin pouches soon.

Coach Straw bag


I generally avoid straw bags because I’m afraid they will easily rip and go out of style quickly. But this Straw Tote by Coach looks sturdy enough to last forever. Plus with the lovely green metallic touches it is guaranteed to be in style for quite some time.

Guest Bag Blogger: Lizabeth Sorensen of



thriftychick_coach.jpg thriftychick_insidecoach.jpg

My favorite bag that I own is my Coach black leather mini hobo. Yes, I know what you must be thinking how can the Thrifty Chick’s favorite bag be a Coach? While I was a young fashionista in training I learned from my Mother that everyone should have at least one good bag. Save up if you have to but buy a leather classic handbag that if you treat it well will be enjoyed for years to come. Between Fendi and others, her Coach has stood the test of time both trend wise and construction wise.

I decided a couple years ago that I would take the plunge and splurge, so of course being the Thrifty Chick that I am I drove to the Coach outlet in Lee MA, with my friend Franesa. It was one of those, “if you do it- I will do it” so we did it together type of things. We both spent our hard earned cash on the bags of our dreams. I got the mini hobo, she a larger red leather piece (but after all she is married to the Doctor and me a drummer). The outlet price was $98 and I have never had buyer’s remorse.

I take my mini hobo out a lot. We go to the grocery, the mall and now that I have a baby it is easy to put my little black bag inside the larger diaper bag. I treat it with care and lovingly apply the Coach leather lotion to keep it soft.

So what I say is go out and get whatever bag you like. My own rule is that if the bag is over $50 think to the future and decide whether or not you will still want to carry it around in 10, 20, 30 years.

Lizabeth Sorensen is the editor-in-chief of and She works, and shops from her home in Upstate, New York.