One recent bag that I have been very happy with is the basic canvas tote from Real Simple.

I discovered this bag on a very bad day of bag shopping. I had gone to a whole bunch of department stores and couldn’t find anything I liked. I was hungry and tired and cranky and just wanted to go home, but couldn’t stand the idea of having to use my current tired old bag again for another day. So I headed down to the end of Newbury Street to check out the bags at urban outfitters. I thought I had a good shot since I had seen a ton listed on the web site, but when I got there the bags looked cheap and flimsy in person. And the ones on the web site I really liked were nowhere to be found in the store. As I was leaving I just happened to walk by the Hold Everything store next door. There I saw this lovely tote. Perfect, simple easy, pretty, sturdy. I especially loved the color blue, a rich blue with a little purple. And the bag was $29, in my price range.
I used the bag for about a week, and really liked it. I was worried about the open top, but it wasn’t a problem. and there were side pockets to instert items i needed quickly. It was a little too big for daily use, but that ended up being an advantage since I could throw everything I there, like my lunch or the LBJ book I was reading.
But I’m not using the bag right now. Why? It was great but the bright blue seemed to spring-like, so I decided to put it away for 2 more months and it will be my official robins egg spring blue bag.

Also in totes:
L.L.Bean has a nice selection of totes. I hadn’t really considerered them since I assumed an L.L.Bean bag would be stuffy and dull, but now that I check out this page they have some cute stuff. I esp like the boardwalk market tote and is there anything with more fun potential then an adventure tote! and the classic boat and tote bag is actually pretty decent. I always want some sturdy that will stand the test of time, and i’m sure anything L.L.Bbean would do that.

also tote le monde was in this month’s real simple.

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  1. I saw someone wearing a beautiful large tote that looked like tooled Mexican tan leather (in a floral pattern) that was cut out and had a green color in the background (the cut out sections). Does anyone know one could find this? Thanks, Bonnie

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